Wooden Handle


Wooden Handle

Perkeo Wooden Handle for heavy-duty propane soldering iron. Ergonomic handle made of hard brush wood (common beech).


Wooden Handle

Perkeo Wooden Handle for heavy-duty propane soldering iron. Ergonomic handle made of hard brush wood (common beech).

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We consider the constant assurance of this high level of quality as the basis for trading partner and user satisfaction. This goal is accomplished through our quality management which is guided by all conventional quality regulations and standards as well as by the DIN EN ISO 9000ff. Constant in-house testing and operational checks, from the development stage up to final assembly, confirm our observance of all quality requirements.We naturally request the same level of performance from our suppliers. We would now like to present our latest item from the product innovation sector, the PERKEO soldering backpack: this is a lightweight and re-chargeable oxy-propane brazing unit designed to meet the technical requirements for fast on-site application. The practice-oriented development of this innovation was made possible on the basis of constructive cooperation between craftsmen working in different fields, from the basic idea right through to the prototype. We are therefore able to guarantee users right from the start that the top quality products from PERKEO are designed to perfectly suit the intended use.

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Weight1.0 kg
Dimensions20 x 10 x 10 cm

approx. 4 weeks

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